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Caractéristiques Porsche 911

  • Année 01-1982
  • km 76.500 Km
  • Prix 74.911 €
  • Carburant Essence
  • Boîte Manuelle
  • Cylindrée 3000 Cm3
  • Puissance 204 CV - 150 kW
  • Couleur ext. Gris
  • Couleur int.
  • Places 4
  • Portes 2

Options 3.0 SC Ferry Porsche Edition

  • Filtre à particules (DPF)
  • Vitres électriques

Commentaire Porsche 911

VERY RARE - FIRST LIMITED EDITION OF PORSCHE 911\\\\The Porsche 911 was developed as a much more powerful, larger, more comfortable replacement for the Porsche 356, the company's first model. The new car made its public debut at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show and originally was designated as the "Porsche 901". However, Peugeot protested on the grounds that in France it had exclusive rights to car names formed by three numbers with a zero in the middle. So, instead of selling the new model with another name in France, Porsche changed the name to 911.\\\\In 1981 (Millesime 1982) Porsche decided to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Porsche Design Company by Ferdinand Porsche, by producing a limited run of 200 of the Porsche 911 SC, to be known as the '911 SC Ferry Porsche Special Edition Coupe'. Only 200 were built and never officially supplied to the UK. They featured unique seats with Ferry Porsche's autograph on the headrest, a unique body colour (code 961), painted 7JX15 and 8Jx15 Fuchs wheels fitted with Pirelli 185/70UVR1S and 215/66/VR15 tyres.\\\\This car is one of the 130 Coupé cars produced, out of the total of 200 Ferry Porsche Edition (chassis 0091).\\The car is in perfect condition and is ready to drive.\\\\Extremely rare !\\\\Collection car !\\

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