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Buy and sell vehicles worry-free with Luxauto.lu :
For us, user protection is the top priority.
However, with any vehicle purchase, there might be ill-intentioned people. Watch out in the following cases in particular :
  • "Bargains" which sound too good to be true.
  • Buyers who only use e-mail to communicate and are never available on the telephone.
  • Buyers who don't immediately wish to inspect the car.
  • Never pay a deposit.
  • Do not pay in cash on weekends. Because banks are closed on weekends, we recommend that you check any banknotes handed over as cash payment in a shop with UV reading equipment (i.e. bookshop).
  • After a sale is concluded, sellers often fall victim to fraud with a bounced cheque. NEVER accept a cheque for payment (or bank cheques). When accepting a cheque as payment (especially overseas cheques), whenever the amount exceeds the agreed sales price, this is guaranteed to be attempted fraud.
  • NEVER pay the difference, because the cheque is highly likely to be stolen or forged, even if your bank has found nothing suspicious at first check.
  • Never send your bank details to a stranger and vehicle papers (vehicle registration document) by post, e-mail or fax.
  • Ensure the name of the Seller matches the name on the vehicle registration document and not the name of a leasing company.
  • For any questions, please contact our Customer Support : info@luxauto.lu.