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Buy and sell vehicles worry-free with Luxauto.Lu :
For us, user protection is the top priority, which is why we get top vehicle experts to scrutinise our adverts. This helps protect potential buyers against fraudsters, while for sellers, it helps shield against attempted fraud via the contact form..
Buying a car? Beware - dishonest sellers are rife! Watch out in the following cases in particular :
  • "Bargains", which sound too good to be true.
  • Buyers, who only use e-mail to communicate and are never available on the telephone.
  • Buyers who don't immediately wish to inspect the car.
  • Never pay in advance.
  • Do not pay in cash at weekends. Because banks are closed on weekends, we recommend that you check any banknotes handed over as cash payment in a shop with UV reading equipment (i.e. bookshop).
  • After a sale is concluded, sellers often fall victim to fraud with a bounced cheque NEVER accept a cheque for payment (or bank cheques). When accepting a cheque as payment (especially overseas cheques), whenever the amount exceeds the agreed sales price, this is guaranteed to be attempted fraud.
  • NEVER pay in advance, Because the cheque is highly likely to be stolen or forged, even if your bank has found nothing suspicious at first check.
  • Never send your bank details to a stranger and vehicle papers (vehicle registration document) by post, e-mail or fax.
  • Ensure the name of the Seller matches the name on the vehicle registration document and not the name of a leasing company.
  • For any legal questions, please write to our Board : service.juridique@luxauto.lu