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Make the sale of your vehicle on Luxauto secure with Obvy.

Take advantage of a secure transaction between individuals to complete the sale of your vehicle

Luxauto provides you with the Obvy secure payment solution to complete the sale of your vehicle between private individuals directly in front of the vehicle! Our solution guarantees you the solvency of the buyer as well as a fast and secure transfer of funds to your bank account.

  • 100% secure deposit of funds into an online bank account until the sale is made
  • Solvency of the buyer guaranteed, as well as their identity and address details
  • Total flexibility between buyer and seller thanks to the adjustment of the selling price in front of the vehicle

Are you selling your vehicle?

Luxauto makes your transaction secure

1. Create your Obvy account

Download the mobile application to your smartphone and complete the necessary information and documents to create your Obvy account.

2. Meet the buyer

In front of the buyer, you are free to adjust the final selling price. Once you agree, you can sign the documents for the transfer of your vehicle.

3. Complete the transaction

Finalise the sale by presenting the buyer with the barcode generated by the Obvy application. Scanning the barcode triggers the transfer of funds.

4. Transfer the funds to your bank account

The buyer's money is now in your possession!
You can freely transfer these funds to the bank account of your choice.

Are you buying a used vehicle?

Pay the seller directly and securely

1. Initiate your payment

Once a first contact has been established with the seller of your future vehicle, go to the Luxauto page of the vehicle to access the payment via Obvy.

2. Create your Obvy account

Fill in the necessary information to validate your account in order to open your Obvy account and download the application to your smartphone.

3. Transfer funds to your secure account

Put the amount of your vehicle's price into your Obvy online account.
No worries, the funds remain in your possession!

4. Complete the transaction in front of the vehicle

The buyer can change the amount until the transaction is completed. Once the sale is finalised, validate your payment directly on the Obvy mobile app.


Obvy offers low prices allowing all Luxauto users to simplify and secure their transactions

Transaction amount The buyer pays by Seller's fees Buyer's fees
Amount up to € 99 Credit card 1 € 4 % (*)
Amount up to € 249 Credit card 3 € 3 % (*)
Amount up to € 499 Credit card 5 € 2 % (*)
Amount up to € 1,199 Credit card 10 € 1,5 % (*)
Amount up to € 9,999 Bank transfer 15 € 0,5 % (*)
Amount up to € 99,999 Bank transfer 25 € 0,2 % (*)
Amount up to € 200,000 Bank transfer 50 € 0,2 % (*)

The fees are only deducted if the transaction is completed. Full and free refund in case the transaction is cancelled.

* Les frais Luxauto s'applique au prix du véhicule