Enter Luxauto.lu


1. How much is an advert on Luxauto.lu?
An advert on Luxauto.lu is free of charge except in the following cases: :
  • If the registration date of the vehicle to be sold is less than 12 months.
  • Si vous avez déjà bénéficié d’une annonce gratuite lors des 12 derniers mois.
  • En cas de TVA récupérable.
2. How many photos can I insert?
Once your ad online, you will be able to insert up to 12 additional photos by subscribing to a "Photo Pack" for € 7 including VAT.
You will find all relevant information in your private account "MY LUXAUTO".
3. Why is my advert not appearing on the site?
In order to maintain an organized and healthy database, without scam attempts, our car experts check all the ads before validating them definitively.
The time to go online varies from 12 to 72 hours.
4. Why is my advert online without a photo?
Your photos will be processed by our technicians to crop and hide the plate numbers. If "In progress" appears, it means that your photo is still being processed.

If the "No Photo" icon appears, it means we have not received your photos for one or more of the following reasons: :
  1. elle n'était pas au bon format (JPEG ou PNG) ;
  2. it was too small or too big (5 Mo max);
  3. it was of poor quality or had inadequate content;
  4. you have stopped sending before having confirmation.
Dans tous les cas, vous aurez la possibilité de charger à nouveau vos photos via votre espace personnel "MON LUXAUTO", section "MES VENTES".
5. Do I have to insert a photo?
No, but it is estimated that an ad with photos is 7 times more consulted !
Better to put all the chances on your side.
6. What is the photo format?
La photo doit être aux formats JPG ou PNG, la taille de chaque photo ne doit pas dépasser 5 Mo.
7. How long does an advert remain valid on the site?
An ad remains active for 30 days.
If you delete this ad, even unfortunately, its reintegration will be charged 5€ VAT incl.
8. How can I delete my advert?
Connectez-vous dans votre espace personnel "MON LUXAUTO", section "MES VENTES" puis "Supprimer l’annonce".
9. How can I obtain a new password?
Your Luxauto ID is your email address.
If you forget your password, try to connect to your private account "MY LUXAUTO" and click "Forgot password ?".
10. How can I ensure my name and address do not appear on the site?
When inserting your ad, you can validate the information you want to appear in your ad.